4urIT Made with Xara 4urIT - address future IT challenges today! Simplicity is beautiful. The goal is to find the simplest solution and abstraction level which can deal with all the complexity inherent to your business. If your business is 'Rocket Science' then that is what you have to master. Einstein said "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." This principle is especially true for IT where many organizations are loosing the control over the continuously increasing complexity. To distinguish between inherent and artificial complexity is difficult. Simplification is an ongoing objective. But be warned - simplification can increase complexity. This happens when essential details of your business get lost during simplification. The things become ambiguous and are up for interpretation. This inherent complexity of your business must be mastered. It's the artificial complexity that is up for simplification. This site is dedicated to bring agility and momentum back into an IT organization. The only way to achieve this is by working on the right level of abstraction and avoid to dig around only in the implementation details.